Top 10 Best Airports in the World

May 31, 2012 Naster Rawal 1 Comments

1. Singapore: In the Top 10 List of best airport of the world we keep Singapore in the 1st place. The airports of Singapore have won the Golden Pillow award for 14th times. In the Airport you can find lots of extra facilities like WiFi, Cyber Café, 24 hour fresh food facilities, clinic, swimming pool, 24 hour spa facilities and much more. In side the airport you are highly secured by peace keeping number.
2. Seoul Incheon: In the Top 10 List of best airports we keep Seoul Incheon in the 2nd place. It is the main airport of South Korea. The interior facilities of the airport makes are more popular to the air passenger. This airport also wins the golden pillow award for its arrangements for the passengers. In this airport you can found the Food-24 hours, WiFi, Internet Kiosks/Stations, Sauna, Shower, Massage, Baby Care Lounges, Children’s Play Areas, Korean Cultural Museum, and Traditional Craft Gallery as extra facilities.
3. Hong Kong: In the Top 10 List of best airport we keep Hong Kong we keep Hong Kong in the 3rd place. The air port has a 9 hole golf course, an interactive movie studio and a 3D Movie Theatre. This airport has the fastest WiFi facilities, Baggage Storage ($), Showers ($), pay-in Lounges ($), Children’s Play Areas & TV Lounges, airside Resting Lounges, Prayer rooms, Smoking Lounges, Historical & Cultural exhibits, handicraft workshops and much more facilities for the amusements. The airport also won the golden pillow award in 2009.
4. Amsterdam: In the Top 10 List of best airport in the world we keep Amsterdam in the 4th place. This airport is also a golden pillow prize winning airport. 24 hours fresh food, Wifi, Baggage Storage, Internet Stations, Observation Terrace, Get married at Schiphol, Spa, Gym, Sauna, Casino are the extra facilities of the airport. The people who travel through this airport must miss it when they make an air journey.
5. Munich: In the Top 10 List of best airport we keep Munich in the 5th place. without its main duty you can find the WiFi , Food-24 hours , Baggage Storage , Showers, Mini golf , Casino/Gaming  Arcade ,Visitor Terrace , Massage , Airport Tours, Customs Office Tour  and much more facilities for the passengers.
6. Frankfurt: In the Top 10 List of best airport of the world we keep Frankfurt in the 6th place. It is an airport of Germany. With the main facilities the airport provides WiFi , Food-24 hours , Airport Tours , Baggage Storage , Massage , Spa , Supermarket , Casino , Visitor’s Terrace , pay-in Airport Lounge , Showers  facilities for the guest.
7. Auckland: In the Top 10 List of best airport we keep Auckland airport in the 7th lace. There are 2 terminals for the passengers. Upstairs in the International observation lounge the sleeping facilities are very good of this airport. The its main facilities we can find the WiFi hotspots , Food-24 hours, Baggage Storage, Games Arcade, Rides for kids, Internet kiosks, Showers, chapel and Muslim prayer mats as extra facilities for the passengers.
8. Vancouver: In the Top 10 List of best airport we keep Vancouver airport in the 8th place. The airport provides all the facilities which an airport should provide. As extra facilities the airport also provide WiFi, Food-24 hrs, Baggage Storage, Spa , pay-in Lounge, Showers & Pool , Chapel, Art Displays for the passengers.
9. Zurich: In the Top 10 List of best airport we keep Zurich airport in the 9th place. It is also an airport which won the golden pillow award. Staff and security of this airport are helpful. WiFi ($), Baggage Storage, Showers, Airport Tours , Observation deck, Bicycle and Roller Blades Rentals, Chapel and Prayer Room are the extra facilities of this airport.
10. San Francisco: In the Top 10 List of best airport we keep San Francisco in the 10th place. It is one of the finest airports in the world. All types of airport facilities you can find in this airport. The staffs and security of this airport are very efficient. As extra facilities the airport provides WiFi, Food-24hrs, Baggage Storage, Kids Play Area, Showers, Massages, Computer Workstations, and Art/Photo Exhibits as extra for the passengers.

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