Top 10 ways to improve google search ranking

December 14, 2015 Naster Rawal 2 Comments

10. Regular performance check:                             
After completing all above steps you should check your stats daily and make changes to your website according to performance of your website this will help you to move ahead and stand in competition with other sites.

9. Link Building:

Link building is very important for every website's google search ranking google ranks a website on the basis of it's links more the quality links more good google search ranking will be these are directly proportional to each other.

How to build links to improve google search ranking

--> Use maximum internal links

You should use maximum number of internal links interconnecting your pages and bringing it out with well build linking system.

--> Highlight the links

You should use different colors , fonts for your links so that user can easily get that it is a link this also makes a link more attractive.

8. Navigation:

Navigation is important factor behind google search ranking of a website and also describes the quality of user interface of a website your navigation system helps the visitors to browse around different sections of your website and helps in improving google search ranking.

How to build navigation system for improving google search ranking

--> A good menu bar

A good menu bar is necessity of a website which helps the users to navigate around website without any problem.

--> Proper Linking

Your links must be properly function as links plays an important role in getting high google search ranking.

7. Sitemap:

Sitemap is the basic link that connects you to a search engine like google. It is a basic factor that is responsible for submitting your pages and site to google. Without sitemap your content is of no use and your content would not be shown on google.

How to use sitemap for improving google search ranking

--> Build a good xml sitemap

You should build a good xml sitemap which will have no error as just because of an error your site may not be indexed by the google.

--> Use google webmasters tools 

You should directly submit your sitemap to google by google webmasters tools rather then paying to third party for indexing of your site.

6. Quality of content:

Another important thing is quality of the content. Google rank pages on the basic of quality of the content and you must not compromise with content quality if you want good google search ranking. Simply quality is the formula behind the good search ranking.

Building quality content to improve google search ranking

--> Do not use fake information

You should provide quality content on your site as google is designed to provide quality results for every search made on it. If you provide wrong information on your site google will definitely ignore your site.

--> Use keywords in your content

You should try to use your main keywords in your content this will directly influence your search ranking on google as keywords are the main factor that connects you with google and indirectly to your visitors.

--> Do not copy content from elsewhere

You should not copy content from any other source as that content is copyright and it is illegal to use copyright material without permission of owner and also you will never attain good search ranking on google with copied content.

5. Using images:

Images are very important part of a website content which improve the user interface of website it helps the user to easily understand what you are trying to describe and helps improving google search ranking. 

How to use images to improve google search ranking

-->Try to use your own images

You should use your own images in your website you should not copy them from any other site on internet or from any other source as it will have negative effect on your google search ranking.

-->Use alt tag for images

Alt tag for images can improve google search ranking upto 10% thus it is very important to use alt tag for your images if you want good google search ranking.

-->Use your website name on your images

Using your name on images is a way to secure images from being copied by other users and with security it also gives a professional look to your images also have a little good impact on google search ranking.

4. Description:

Description is the most important part of every website that let the users know what your website and pages are about and what they will get on your site. You should use good attractive search description as it will help you to increase your google search ranking.

How to use description to improve google search ranking

--> Use accurate description

You should use a good search description that will accurately tell the readers what your page or content is accurately about.

-->Not use more then 250 characters

As search description is short description of your content that tells user that what your website or page contain and what it is about it should not be long.

-->Use keywords in your description 

You should use your keywords and phrases that are matching to your title with quality description of your content this will improve your google search ranking.

3. Header tag ( h1 tag ):

Another important thing that is responsible for good google search ranking is header tag. Header tags are very important for every website as they tells the visitors what the page is about and that they are reading about. Header tag is not shown in google search but then also it is very important for good google search ranking.

How to make use of header tag to improve google search ranking

-->Use attractive header tags 


Your hearer tags must be attractive which will attract more users to read your content that will surely help you to attain good search ranking.

-->Use short sentences in header

You should use short sentences in header as if you use long sentences in header that will be compromise with the quality and will have a negative impact on google search ranking of your website.

-->Use Keywords in headings

You should try to use your main keywords in your header tags as they are most important which are bringing organic traffic to your site and your keywords in header will satisfy the visitors that they are at the right place.

2. Title Tag:

Title tag is another important thing that have very high influence on google search ranking of a website. One important thing is that Keywords are important for every part to improve google search ranking even for title it is important. 

How to make perfect use of title tag to improve google search ranking

-->Try to use 2-3 keywords in title

Try to use 2-3 keywords in your title tag this will improve your search ranking on google as title tag is first thing google emphasize on.

-->Use concise title

The title must be concise it should not be long as on the basis of my personal experience google give high ranking to titles that are not longer then 65 characters.

-->Try to create attractive sentences

You title must be attractive which will help you to attract readers and this will sure improve your google search ranking.

1. Using Keywords:

Everyone know that keyword are important to increase google search ranking and every website in this particular topic tells much more about keywords but no one tells how to use keywords. Only knowing keywords are important to improve google search ranking is not sufficient you should know how to use these keywords.

How to use keywords to improve google search ranking

-->Make a list of your keywords

Make a list of your keywords that you are going to use in your website most of the times you can use google webmasters tools to prepare a list of your keywords.

-->Choose 5-10 main keywords

Choose 5 to 10 main keywords that will represent your content. Now you just have to think about these keywords and ignore all other words.

-->Use these keywords maximum time

Use these selected keywords maximum number of time in your content. More the keywords are used more google search ranking you will get for these particular keywords.

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