10 Survival Myths That Could Actually Hurt You

December 31, 2015 Naster Rawal 0 Comments

10>If you are impaled by an object, pull it out:

Most people probably know this one, but never ever pull out an impaled object. It will only cause the wound to bleed faster. Instead, dress the area around the wound and seek help immediately.

9>Use a tourniquet if you are bleeding:

Of course, tourniquets can save your life, but only use this as a last resort because it is very likely that you will lose your limb. Also, once you apply the tourniquet, do not remove it under any circumstance! This can release toxins back into your blood stream that your body won’t be able to handle. It needs to be removed in the hospital.

Pro tip: mark the time that you applied the tourniquet. Doctors will need this information when removing it.

8>If there is an earthquake then you should stand in a doorway:                                                                     

Depending on the age of the building this may be terrible advice. In the past the doorframe was extremely sturdy but in modern structures there are much better places to hide, like under a sturdy table or desk. Keyword: sturdy.

7>Eating plants is a safe bet:                                                            

Not really. Unless you have time to perform the universal edibility test (something good to learn about), there is a good chance that you will ingest something poisonous. Besides, even if you do find plants that aren’t poisonous, they probably don’t have many nutrients anyway. It would be a waste of your time.

6>Moss only grows on the north side of trees:                                       

This is false. In the northern hemisphere it may sometimes grow better on the northern side of the tree only because that side is less likely to receive direct sunlight, but it can grow anywhere if there is shade or moisture. Do not depend on this to give you accurate directions. The sun would be a better source.

5>Drinking alcohol keeps you warm:                                                      

This myth is actually quite dangerous. Alcohol only makes you feel warmer but it in fact decreases your internal body temperature.

4>If it is cold on the valley floor, move to higher ground:                                                                         

While it is true that inversion layers and rising hot hair can make it a few degrees warmer on the slopes of the valley than on the valley floor, it is not always a good idea to move to higher ground. Remember that there is a higher wind chill factor and it may be harder to start fires. You’ll just have to use your discretion.

3>Always swim parallel to the shore if you are caught in a rip current                               

While this is true for rip currents that pull directly out to sea, not all rip currents do that. Some are diagonal and some are longshore. The basic rule is that you should swim perpendicular to the rip in the same direction as the prevailing wind or ocean current. If at any point you feel like you are swimming upstream, then you are not moving in the right direction.

2>You will suddenly find yourself in a survival scenario:                                                        

Survival situations do not usually happen suddenly. They are typically the result of a series of bad decisions. Many times it is our pride or stubbornness that gets us there. If you are out fishing on a lake and you see lightning, get off the lake. Don’t be macho and most likely you will be ok.

1>Survival is about knowing what to do:                                                                             

No. As any survivalist will tell you, survival is much less glamorous than just having the right skills. Sometimes it is about that, but usually it is simply about prevention. As we just mentioned before, don’t be foolish and use common sense. The best way to survive a deadly scenario is to not get yourself into a deadly scenario.

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