10 Most Peaceful Countries In The World

November 19, 2015 Naster Rawal 2 Comments

Iceland is one of the very few countries that doesn't have a standing army (since 1869, to be specific), even though it is an active member of NATO. According to the Global Peace Index, Iceland is the most peaceful country in the world, thanks to its lack of an armed forces, a low crime rate, and a high level of sociopolitical stability.
Copenhagen is the capital of one of the world’s most peaceful countries. For the record, Denmark has been ranked number two on the Global Peace Index out of 162 countries three years in a row.
Austria is considered one of the best countries, if not the best, on the planet. It also helps that it is a very peaceful country and freedom of speech is highly valued and protected by the government.
4>New Zealand
New Zealand continues to receive top scores for criteria such as respect for human rights, thanks to its relatively violence-free demonstrations and its low homicide rate. In an age when economic and political unrest is making itself felt throughout Europe and the US, New Zealand appears to be an ideal destination.
Switzerland has earned its reputation as a safe, peaceful, and neutral nation with very low crime rates.
Finland lacks a combative nature and is considered one of the most peaceful and livable countries in the world. Additionally, its military involvement over the past few years has only been related to UN peacekeeping missions.
Canada is known for having some of the most peaceful and friendly citizens, and their nation is considered one of the most welcoming and open-minded in the world.
Japan is the only Asian country that is ranked in the top 10 most peaceful countries index. The country hasn’t been involved in any war during the past several decades, never has riots, has political stability and low crime rates, and the government protects human rights and provides public security through a relatively small number of police officers.
Despite the country’s violent past (especially during British colonization) Australia is currently one of the wealthiest and most peaceful in the world. Australia ranks high in many international comparisons of national performance, such as quality of life, health, education, economic freedom, and the protection of civil liberties and political rights.
10>Czech Republic
The Czech Republic, according to the Global Peace Index, is the tenth most peaceful country with a continually growing economy and a democratic government that makes sure it maintains stability and safety for its citizens.

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