10 Chilling Coincidences You Won’t Believe Are Real

November 02, 2015 Naster Rawal 1 Comments

10>The literally identical twins:

According to Reader’s Digest two twins were born in Ohio and separated at Birth. They knew nothing of each other but both were subsequently named James. They both became police officers and both married women named Linda. They both had a son. One named his son James Alan and the other named his son James Allan. They both divorced and remarried women name Betty, and they both had dogs named Toy

A very lucky baby:

In the early 1930s Joseph Figlock was walking down the street when a baby fell out of a window right onto his shoulders. Neither was harmed. One year later the exact same baby fell on Joseph’s shoulders in the exact same spot.

Oh brother, not again:

In 1975 a man was killed by a taxi while riding a scooter in Bermuda. One year later the man’s brother was killed on the same scooter by the same taxi driver who was carrying the same passenger!

A lucky lady:

Violet Jessop was on the RMS Olympic when it collided with the HMS Hawke, she was on the RMS Titanic when it hit an iceberg, and she was on the HMHS Britannic when it hit a mine.

Double Deception:

During World War I the British made the passenger vessel RMS Carmania into a battleship. They then disguised it as the German passenger liner the SMS Cap Trafalgar. On Sept 14, 1914 it sank a German vessel off the coast of Brazil. The vessel it sank was the real SMS Trafalgar which the Germans had disguised as the RMS Carmania!

The license plate prediction:

Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s car in which he was assassinated had a license plate that read “A III118”. World War 1 ended with an Armistice on 11-11-18.

The inscription in the tomb:
When Soviet archaeologists opened the tomb of Tamerlane, a Mongol descendant of Genghis Khan, they found an inscription that read, “Whoever opens my tomb will unleash an invader more terrible than I”. It was June 20 1941. Germany invaded the Soviet Union on June 22.

The Hoover Dam and its victims:
The first man to die working on the Hoover Dam was JG Tierny who died on December 20 1922. The last man died on December 20 1935. It was JG Tierny’s son.

Mr Bryson stayed in the same hotel room as Mr Bryson:
According to “Incredible Coincidence” by Alan Vaughan, sometime in the late 1950s Mr. George D Bryson checked into the Brown Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky only to discover that the person who stayed there before him was also Mr. George D Bryson!

Hendrix and Handel:
Jimi Hendrix and George Handel both lived in 23 and 25 Brook Street London, respectively. 2 famous musicians 200 years apart.

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