Friday, November 13, 2015

01. The United States of America
The United States of America army forces
United States of America is the number one super power in the world. It is the most influential country that contains the world’s strongest army and a powerful democracy, as well. United States reached to the highest powerful position after a long struggle and hard work. It is more commonly known as the Super power and it contains a highly influential media. This country is a prestigious and influential member of a number of influential bodies.
02. Russian Federation
Russian Federation army forces
This country contains the world’s second most powerful army and it controls several states in the Central
Asian region. This country contains a large population. Due to its heavy population, it is safe from all kind of external influences on its internal politics, economic and financial issues.It can turn into a super power due to its powerful force.
03. Peoples Republic of China
Peoples Republic of China army forces
This country contains the world’s 4th largest GNP. This country has received supremacy over France and Great Britain in last few years. This country contains a large and powerful army.
04. France
France army forces
It is the world’s 5th most powerful country and it is the prestigious and influential member of UN Security Council. It is a nuclear power country with the influence on many African nations.
05. Britain
Britain army forces
Britain is the member of UN Security Council and it is a powerful nuclear country. It is considered to have the world’s most stable democracy. This country influences on world politics. It is number one in music, films, media and other activities. This country is also the member of European Union.
06. Japan
Japan army forces
Japan contains a large economy and it is one of the leading democratic power countries. This country has a large population but due to tough competition, it comes after above five countries.
07. Republic of India
Republic of India army forces
This country is very popular and contains a powerful democracy. It is a rapidly growing country and it is a nuclear power.
08. Federal Republic of Germany
Germany army forces
t contains the world’s third largest economy and it is the most influential and powerful member of the European Union. Germany lost much of its influence on world during the WWII.
09. Pakistan
Pakistan army forces
Pakistan has a large population of Muslims and it is a nuclear power. It has one of the strongest world armies. It has greatly influenced by dictatorship and military interference and due to which its democracy becomes weak. This country has a great potential to grow.
10. Republic of Brazil
Bazil army forces
It is a large Latin American county, it is considered to have the world’s largest Portuguese speaking population. This country has an influential and stable media. This country has secure relations with rest of the world.

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  1. Finally a list where i 95% agree with but i only think China and Russia should be swapped.



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