Top 10 New Year’s Eve Party Destinations 2012 – [US]

May 30, 2012 Naster Rawal 0 Comments

10. Austin, Texas
10. Austin Texas Top 10 New Year’s Eve Party Destinations 2012   [US]
If you are the type of person that loves to have some good, clean evening fun without the need of getting drunk, then Austin’s New Year will never get you disappointed. It’s family friendly; it’s loaded with lots of performances and food from locals, minus the wine, liquor, and booze. Yep, you won’t be worrying about bringing your kids and teens in this particular location.

9. Denver, Colorado
9. Denver Colorado Top 10 New Year’s Eve Party Destinations 2012   [US]
Aside from Orlando, this place is also catered for the kids and adults alike. Young boys and girls can enjoy various activities the Noon Year’s Eve at the Children’s Museum where they can be entertained with educational tours, traditions on the New Year and other fun stuff. For the regulars and the adventure seekers, the Mile High City and the Grand Hyatt are venues where you can spend the New Year with a bang with foods and drinks that will stuff you with loads of fun.

8. Phoenix, Arizona
8. Phoenix Arizona Top 10 New Year’s Eve Party Destinations 2012   [US]
You have the chance of holding the party at the Fiesta Bowl Block Party while waiting for the year to end and a new year to begin. You get to experience events here that includes the standard fireworks, Xtreme sport shows with BMX bikes, magic shows, and even booze bonanzas at any of the four beer gardens found in the city.

7. San Francisco, California
7. San Francisco California Top 10 New Year’s Eve Party Destinations 2012   [US]
You may picture the ever-majestic Golden Gate Bridge being showered with spectacular explosions of color from the fireworks being popped by different groups. However, San Francisco is the New Year venue for the culturally inclined and the conservative because the Asian Art Museum will hold its 26th annual Japanese Bell Ringing. The ancient bell will be rung 108 times and cleanse the spirits of those who will celebrate the New Year at nighttime.

6. Los Angeles, California
6. Los Angeles California Top 10 New Year’s Eve Party Destinations 2012   [US]
This place goes for the clubbers, the partygoers, and for those who like to experience the pumping and thumping even before the clock strikes twelve. Yes, you can already see the wide array of lights moving along with the pulsating beats of the music in different party venues all over the metro. It even comes with themes that you can find quite strange and inviting at the same time.

5. Miami, Florida
5. Miami Florida Top 10 New Year’s Eve Party Destinations 2012   [US]
Celebrating the New Year on the beach is a very special moment, as you will enjoy the sights of fireworks uninterrupted with the wide evening sky. Away from the disruption of buildings and skyscrapers, Miami presents one of the best places to spend the night. If you are able to endure the long night of dancing, disco, and all the fun, you can be lucky in facing the new day with the first morning’s sunrise!

4. San Diego, California
4. San Diego California Top 10 New Year’s Eve Party Destinations 2012   [US]
You may visit this place to spend some time on the beach for the New Year, but there is more than just the basic event. People who come to celebrate New Year here are more comfortable partying on yachts and mini-cruises as they enjoy the sights of fireworks while being drowned with party beats all over the mid-sea escape.

3. Las Vegas, Nevada
3. Las Vegas Nevada Top 10 New Year’s Eve Party Destinations 2012   [US]
If you love the evening lights and the glitzy entertainment, then Las Vegas is the best place for you to go. This is the place for this upcoming New Year where you get to celebrate the countdown with stars like Kim Kardashian, Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas, LMFAO, Stevie Wonder, and more. What about the fireworks? Well, you can see the skies flaring with color as over eight hotels all over the city will light things up all at the same time!

2. Orlando, Florida
2. Orlando Florida Top 10 New Year’s Eve Party Destinations 2012   [US]
This destination is perfect for those who have kids, especially because there are nearby theme parks, resorts, and other spots that can give a swell of a time for families. Think of Disneyland, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld and just imagine cartoon characters, different creatures, and the party mood in celebrating the year with a bang. Smashmouth and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy are expected to perform live concerts this coming New Year.

1. New York City, New York
1. New York City New York Top 10 New Year’s Eve Party Destinations 2012   [US]
Even if you are not the usual party goer, you may be very familiar with Times Square, as it has been featured in many TV shows during the New Year as the countdown there is well celebrated. Aside from spending time with other people, you get to experience the dazzling lights and visuals on the huge screen. Also, the ball drop is again anticipated with the upcoming beginning of 2012.

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