Top 10 Modern and Creative Bed design for 2012

May 18, 2012 Naster Rawal 0 Comments

10. Fairytale Bed

The shape of this bed style is like a hunting bed. Its looks are very nice and decent and look very trapy. it give a wider look when you go to the bed for sleep. Its style is very pretty and gives a very romantic sense. Its looks are like a trap box which is waiting for its target.

9. Contemporary Bed

This bed style came from France. French again made a master piece in bed style. This is very elegant in style and the Beauty of this design is that it is purely hand made. That is why it is not only very famous and very costly also.

8. Illuminated Bed

Philippe Boulet is the creator and inventor or this beautiful bed style. The beauty of this bed style is that it can change its texture or color and you can choose the color of your choice. You can stop this changing of color on your choice.

7. Starry Bed

This elegant bed design is created by Leggett & Platt. This is an elite bed design. It is specially a geek style bed for those persons who want to be getting relaxed in geek style. Its has a vibration sensor that can count you moves inthe bed during sleep but it will not count how much you snore. This bed has a quality of wire less internet connectivity and it’s very costly in price.

6. Single/Double in Seconds

The designer from Sweden “Marcia Hanvey Isaksson” invents this beautiful and fancy design. This is very versatile in shape you can instantly split your double bed into two singles beds. The style is composed of two single beds attached at the head with a rail in the headboard. If u has some guest with you then you can easily make this single bed in to two different beds according to your need.

5. Bookcase Bed

Book case bed style is the simple but famous bed style. Basically in this style the mattress is being given a shape of a book case. That bed can be stand with the wall while when it is not in use so that it could give look like abookcase. Actually the bed has five storage shelves which are suspended in mid-air by a wall mounted frame. Karen Babel is the designer of this style.

4. Crazy Horse Free Form Bed

This Crazy Horse Free form bed style gives an adventurous look to some one’s bed room and it reminds us about the characteristic of old thoughts and tradition. This bed style is enrich with a rich life style and it’s very relaxing in use. The Crazy Horse Free Form Bed is available in all sizes . Many new editions are also available for this truly unique bed.

3. Apple Tree Bed

Apple tree bed style is another famous and elegant bed style in the bed industry. Its a very costly bed design. Its minimum worth is $9,600. It’s a Scandinavian design style bed. Its leaves show that the style came from Scandinavian thoughts. When a person comes in that bed style room then he simply got the effect that there is a beautiful apple tree in the room and it looks really very charming.

2. Jurassic Park Bed

Kids have an important place in a family. They may be minute in gesture but not minute in thinking. Like they are special human beings their beds must be special too. Jurassic Park theme bed room or bed design is very cool and famous in kid’s bed room sets. The bottom jaw of the dinosaur hangs to reveal a built in toy box, and then the bedroom give the dinosaur shape.

1. Hammock Bed

Its has an antique bed design. It is a popular and famous loft bed design and a master arrangement for sleeping. This hammock design is in use from thousand years. Hammock is like an eye candy, a room centerpiece and a sheer joy when it is time to sweep the floor. It is also an elegant bed design that is modern and traditional.

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