Top 10 female singers in the world

May 06, 2012 Naster Rawal 16 Comments

1Taylor Swift

Every time I have a bad day, I know I can just go home, turn on my ipod, and there will be a Taylor song describing exactly what I'm gong through. Sometimes you just need to know that you're not alone, that other people have been through it all before you, and come out the other side, happy and smiling ))

Taylor is AMAZING. Talented, funny, smart, kind, caring, beautiful...
It's a surprise that they even compared her to any of these artists!
Taylor can sing like nobody's business, plus she has heartfelt, touching, wonderfully written lyrics :) She has had many hit songs and she was the CMA Entertainer of the Year!

Taylor is one of the best, wait she not just the best she way better then any of the other female artist that are in this list. I would vote for her any day because she is my favorite singer, she makes me want to be with her on stage, in the bus and at her recording studio. I LOVE YOU TAYLOR! YOU'RE #1 ON MY LIST.

Rihanna has the best voice ever, and has some cool hairstyles

love the way you lie part one and two... the best...

she is one of the best... she has a remarkable voice.. and she from the caribean so that gives her a 10!
3Lady Gaga

she is such a great singer, entertainer, and an all around artist. with her stunning preformances, and amazing vocal voice, and don't forget her insane dresses! GAGA FOR EVER!

There is absolutely no way she can be listed behind Taylor Swift. Lady Gaga's voice is the best!

I love GaGa so much and I think she's the REAL queen of Pop! I love her songs that deal with loving who you are and being happy with that! Plus, Born This way is the BEST album of 2011! Listen to it! IT'S AWESOME FROM THE 1rs TO LAST SONG!
4Katy Perry

She's really talented, and all her songs are somehow related to my life.
She's stunning, and everythings good about her.
So if this is a competition, SHE SHOULD WIN! <3.

I love her much than any female singer and I like her songs like fireworks, teenage dream, I kissed a girl, waking up in vegas, california girls, peocok, thinking of you

She is very beautiful! And I admirer E.T. so much

Beyonce should be at the top final! She is the best live performer out there and has a stunning voice

She should at the top she clearly has more talent and more money than all put together!

Beyonce is such an outstanding performer. Not only is she a fantastic actress, but she is the most talented, and gorgeous female artist in the world and she should get more appreciation for her work.

+8She's so amazing even in a live presentation, she doesn't need to be thin to be a good singer, she's the best.

+8She's the most awesome singer ever... Perfect blend of passion and beauty..!

+5Adele is one of my greatest role models. She is an amazing singer, she is not afraid to be what society considers "fat" and even though she is struggling with the surgery with her throat, I still love her music. She will not be singing till about 2014 which is quite disappointing but I still will stay by her side as the years pass/

7Selena Gomez

She has a great voice and her songs are reasonable and her lyrics are great. She loves her fans and her songs are also very inspiring. I have been her fan since I heard some of her first songs! I have all her albums and I know all her songs. She is very talented. I love Selena!

She is an amazing talented young lady who defiantly has a great career ahead of her! She is an amazing and super sweet to all of her fans! She truly cares for everyone of her fans and lets not forget her beautiful voice!

Selena should be the first on the list! She's so amazing and her songs are meaningful and deliver a great message. Her voice is incredible and she is so kind and is really beautiful. She's so inspiring and is my role model.

She's just really awesome and really good at writing songs and very talented

I like that she is different

she is one of the best singers. I'm always listening to her. I have all of her c. d's! all of my friends can agree
9Miley Cyrus

she's really the best singer ever, she has always been my inspiration and that's what she always is gonna be for me. She totally rocks!

She is has a beautiful sound. She is hannah montana that make her prettier and she is a good actress too. I almost love all her songs

I've been her fan since 2006. Through years and years, fans like us grow up with her, but it doesn't mean we FOLLOW everything she does. I don't know about the others, but I love her to pieces. Her smiles sparkles up the whole place. Her amazing voice still shines through. Her music is honest and true. She also has a lot of rock songs that always make you dance along. I can't go a day thinking or talking about her. Finally, if this is a competition, we should vote for everyone because of their talents. If I make you click 'vote' for Miley, then thank you. :) x Smiler Forever.


she's very sexy and very talented in singing and dancing and most especially the way she perform in live music, she is the best singer for me and I really love her so much because of her excellent performances...

Hoot and very talented
perfection is the best word to describe how awesome she is


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  1. all are great female singers list of 2012... i love shakira and selena gomez songs very much....

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  2. gaga shd be on top. Rihanna don't deserve 2nd place

  3. Where da hell is Amy Winehouse?? or Leona Lewis??

  4. your teachers would be happy with u all

  5. duh!! where is NICKI MINAJ?? >_<
    she iz a very good female rapper :))
    her name must b includedin top 10 list of female singers !!

  6. cher lloyd is the one of the best singer with awesome voice

  7. you should write best singers in MY World

  8. I love DEMI LOVATO why its not there

  9. me too i like her bet she needs more time to get more popular

  10. Where are Avril Lavigne, Kelly Clarkson, Pink and Christina Aguilera?

  11. Charice for me is still the best female singer in the world. These ladies are just famous.

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