10 of the Best Magazines

May 26, 2012 Naster Rawal 0 Comments

10. Newsweek

As the name suggests this weekly, high quality slick American paper stack contains articles, discussions and opinions of scored, all time wining writers and journalists. So then you might think, why it’s so popular, in fact it should be “boringly” very popular, but be alarmed that this magazine is not intended for fashion geeks and entertainment junkies, it’s not your page flipping entertainment; it’s a serious attempt at news and the world today. This magazine picks out the most negotiable issues and discusses it and stretches opinions, in other words it’s a special news bulletin on paper. It also provides a touch of latest news from the showbiz world. Average net circulation = 3183000

9. Playboy

Since 1953, this American magazine has stirred and shaped men in every way, it has bought sex fresh from the shelves of gorgeous ladies into the pockets of ordinary men and teenagers. This periodical features photos of nude women in the most pleasing and erotic takes, of course you need to control yourself, but the newer issues every month packs a meaty punch and you find yourself hard to resist. The magic is in how this magazine tackles the deep desires of men; it publishes content such as interviews of artists, actors and other famous figures that is suited to the public while keeping an eye on changing trends and fashion. Playboy certainly plays its game and enjoys its revenue. Average net circulation = 3215000

8. People

“People” the magazine wholly responsible for human interests or should I say the magazine that spies on people when they do something interesting? It’s an American weekly magazine that has made its name throughout the world by coming up with interesting rankings such as “the best dressed”, “the best chefs around the world” and “the sexiest man alive”. It focuses on the key interest areas and has done a good job because its average net circulation is 3625000.

7. BusinessWeek

Every library, every academic shelf, and every well-equipped office will have this magazine somewhere around. It’s surprising to note that so much research goes into writing this critical magazine because each boring event in the business world is studied in-depth, analyzed and then printed. This magazine is very bold and straightforward; it always tries to express its opinion just the way it is not sugar-coating it. Many companies rely on its research and credibility and most importantly its topic of a four page analytical review of how political pressures impact the business world. Publishes 57 issues per year! It’s not to be missed

6. Ladies’ Home Journal

My mother has a stack of kitchen magazines, “How to Cook the Microwave Way” and other detailed cooking periodicals all around the house and the last thing on the menu was this Home Journal. I mean I got bored just by looking at them let alone flipping the pages, what on earth is in it that is fooling young moms into buying them. Ladies’ Home Journal is a leading women’s magazine which contains everything from beauty, fashion, health, relationships, food, pets and games mothers love to play. Average net circulation = 4101000

5. Time

The magazine of time, a periodical not to be missed, a compilation giving you exactly what you want for the news and what you want filtered out. This magazine is genius creation, because it has become a platform for the most talked about news in the world. Very few personalities and some serious debaters qualify to discuss in the magazine, so in short this magazine contains a high quality of opinionated matter. What more do you want from a flashy magazine that gives you a world summary in a bunch and provide shocking stories behind certain events. This is an American weekly magazine with an average net circulation of 4112000; after all it is an abbreviation of “The International Magazine of Events”

4. Women’s Day

If your wife is giving you a hard time when you return from a hectic day at the office, just stop by the superstore and get one of these Women’s Day magazines for her and you will be rewarded with utter silence. This magazine contains home decor ideas, relationship advice, lifestyle tips and lots more. This is an experienced women magazine with every curiosity for the ladies covered in detail and style. It’s an Australian weekly magazine with an average net circulation of 4205000 copies

3. Family Circle

This is an American answer to the Australians, “if you can come up with a woman’s magazine we will bring in the whole family!”
Oh yeah and that’s what it’s all about, this periodical talks about food, holidays, teens, home decor, health, style, beauty, fashion, prom, pets, charity and so on. The magazine is endless, and it is read by young mothers and newlywed women. This magazine even launched another website called Momster.com for mothers and teenagers. Average net circulation = 4634000

2. Better Homes and Gardens

If you have dirty chaotic home and the swimming pool needs cleaning, then you don’t need to call the cleaning and the vacuuming swat team to do the job, because now YOU CAN, all you need is a fresh copy of Better Homes and Gardens and that’s it. This magazine is the fourth bestselling magazine in US and it features content under recipes and cooking, decorating and home ideas, gardening, entertaining, holidays, health and family, pets and so on. They have got the best editors around America to produce such a worthy content. Average net circulation = 7605000

1. Reader’s Digest

At last the winner on our list, this is a true companion, a must have around your table and it’s a common interest magazine. It’s so popular that according to one survey this magazine is bought by almost everybody than any other magazine of any nature. That’s because it’s an all in one magazine, it contains areas such as heath, vocabulary, cooking, general advice, true stories, jokes, word games and so on. This magazine also publishes a series of books as supplements under the name “Reader’s Digest Select Editions”. A magazine for the elderly and the educated with average net circulation of stunning 12078000 copies around the globe

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